Write essay about myself

When it comes time to go to a new school, college or university, all students start to sound the alarm. Endless collection of necessary documents is only half the worries. The real problems begin when the time comes to write a special essay that will be checked by the admissions committee of the institution you want to go to. Students spend a lot of time and nerves on this essay, constantly rewriting again. Often, the problem is that the student does not know how to plan his time and correctly use the information. Therefore, if you are nervously thinking “I need to write essay about myself as soon as possible”, then you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of working with such an essay.

Remember, any characteristic, character trait can always be broken down into smaller components. Thus, there are three types of essay writing. The first is the use of several traits of your character for a brief description, the second way is the use of one of your features, but voluminous, so that it is enough for most of the text. But there is also a third method, which is the most successful. This is a combined approach. It combines all the best of the first and second method. That is, if you need to write several essays, then in one essay you use the category method, in the other the method of one topic and so on. So, if you need to write three essays, it might look like this. In the first essay, the student introduced himself in general, emphasizing important personal qualities, especially his past, his goals, qualities that help him grow professionally, his own approaches to team work, and so on. In the second essay, the student provided confirmation of the above qualities that help to grow professionally, and also spoke more about his experience. And in the third essay, the student concluded and summarized the main strengths of his package of documents, while emphasizing the main quality, and also did not forget to mention his main achievements in studies. The main thing is to maintain balance.

As you know, students very rarely submit documents to only one or two schools. And, of course, it is difficult to expect that the candidate will write all the essays in each school again. Given this fact, I would like to note that in this case, the beginning and end of each essay should undergo the greatest changes, since it is they who set the general tone for the entire package of essays.

However, we advise you to be very careful and attentive to the possibility of simply copying an essay from one school to another. In this case, you will at least not take into account the features of a particular school, and also do not emphasize exactly that personal quality that is important for a particular school. And as a maxim, your essay will be immediately sent to the “refuse” basket, as it will be clear even to unarmed eyes, this is not the school of your dreams and is clearly not the first on your list.

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