How to Motivate Yourself to Write an Essay

Nothing is as discouraging as a blank page and no ideas, yet you must complete the essay.

For most students, procrastination sets in, if they realize it can be done later. If you feel a little run down on or less motivated on your schoolwork, you are not lazy or a bad student. It happens even to the best of us regardless of how much effort you put in your studies. So, have you been thinking about how to motivate yourself to write an essay without any success? Well, there are simple yet effective ways to motivate yourself to write an essay than you ever thought. Here are the tips that you will find useful. Perhaps, it would help if you break down your essay into small-time units with breaks. For example:

  • Work for 25 minutes without distractions, then get a 5 minutes break
  • Do another 25 minutes with a 5-minute break
  • Repeat as long as you willpower permits; then you can have a more extended break

These tricks need perseverance and self-discipline. Therefore, set timeframes that you won’t have trouble following. Also, avoid any form of distraction.

Break it Down into Small Manageable Steps

Writing an essay that is worth publishing is like a marathon. You don’t start right from a nap or watching a movie then do the whole 2-hour marathon. About 15 minutes on the treadmill every week, then an hour the next week would be a good starting point. It is the same with an essay, which paramountessays may be due in 6 months, a week, or two. It depends on what you can do right now-just a paragraph, an outline, or one source. You can do whatever you can, even if it doesn’t mean a lot because you won’t have to do it the next time.

Remember the End Goal

Mostly, your end goal should be to fulfill what is in the rubric and the instructions by your instructors. However, there is more to writing the essay than achieving good grades. Remember your ambitions right from elementary school to where you are right now. The essay in front of you is as vital as whatever comes next write essay for you and crucial in getting you to your destination; so, give it all you can.

Find a Quiet and Convenient Place to Write Your Essay

Sitting along the hallway while writing your essay will not be a good idea because there are sorts of distractions. However, the library may be ideal because of the ambient and quiet environment that allows you to think only about your essay. The surrounding itself is motivating because everyone else is submerged into books or laptops.

Forget About Perfection and Push that First Draft

Most students fear that they may not be perfect in their essays. The secret is to push that first draft and forget about being perfect. Notably, it is easier to fix a draft than write an entire essay from scratch. Besides, the rough draft will motivate you because you develop new ideas as you make the changes. In the end, your essay will become perfect as if a professional wrote it.