Write essay in first person

The time has come to go to school or college, but it turned out that in addition to the basic documents, some essay about yourself is required of you, which will play a huge role in choosing candidates? Well, a familiar situation. All students face this every year, and every year the same picture: all students in a panic try to write a good essay, spending a lot of time, energy and nerves on it. But there are also those who perfectly understand that in such a situation panic is your main enemy. That is why it is worth taking the whole situation into your hands and understanding that you have two options. The first is to familiarize yourself with all the rules for working on such an essay and write essay in first person narrative style yourself. Consider this option in more detail.

First of all, remember that in the case of your essay, the sum of the facts is much more important than each of them individually. This means that each fact, each thought individually, must undergo serious control before it gets into your essay.

One of the biggest mistakes that candidates make when they write an essay is filling the essay with facts, which simply does not relate to the essence of the question posed. Sometimes this is done with only one thought – to tell everything that is possible about yourself to members of the selection committee. The selection of exactly the necessary and important facts is a difficult process, but very necessary. The main secret is to learn to speak a lot in an essay without writing a lot. The way to this is to learn to focus or highlight the main thing. All ideas, achievements, thoughts about yourself should complement and confirm a couple of the most important qualities, characteristics that you decided to tell the admissions committee about.

Choose your own positioning. Look at the list of parts that you have gathered about yourself and try to find one, at most two options for positioning. Determine how you want to look in the eyes of the admissions office. When you have decided on your positioning options, you need to use them in the essay so that they are most suited to the question posed. Two options are possible here.

The first is a category method. You choose the area of ​​your life that is most suitable in order to reveal the proposed topic. For example, such categories can be: study, social activity, family environment. Further, when answering a question, you use only one category to answer, but at the same time describe your various qualities and skills.

The second is a single topic method. The absolutely opposite method, that is, the use of one of your most striking characteristics, areas of activity, and so on to describe it in all essays. For example, when you talk about your leadership qualities, in one you write about the ability to make decisions in difficult times, and in the other you write about the ability to lead and convince, and so on.

The second option is simpler and faster. You can order this or any other essay on the site by filling out a special form.