Write essay on life

When entering a school, college or university, students have to spend a lot of time writing a good essay about themselves in order to show themselves to the admissions committee before they even manage to communicate in person. This is a rather crucial stage, so many students begin to worry in advance and make mistakes. That is why you should familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of working with such a specific essay, as well as find out what are the ways to present the same information.

There are several techniques for writing an essay that help organize your thoughts in such a way that they are understandable not only to you, but also to the reader.

The first is a chronology. So that the reader does not get confused in the events of your life, you need to learn how to move very smoothly from one case to another. For this there is such a thing as a sequence of events. There is one drawback with this technique: an essay can be boring. To prevent this from happening, do not dwell on time, but simply mention it. Do not try to describe everything that happened during a certain period of your life. Remember that you need to build on what you are asked. Also, do not invent any events to diversify your essay, as you can forget about what you came up with, and someone from the selection committee will want to ask you about the details of this event. It will be a very awkward situation.

The second is the story. With this technique, an essay turns into a story. Such an essay begins with some action or story, which continues to the very end. In the process, you can emphasize the various qualities, capabilities, or knowledge that are asked about in the question.

Third is the description. This technique is very close to narrative, but the presence of a story is not necessary. At the same time, the characteristic features of such an essay are vivid imagination, as evidenced by a rich language, and interesting details that are beautifully played out in the text. The advantage of the technique is that the reader remains impressed for a long time. At the same time, as practice shows, certain details are stored in the reader’s memory, by which he easily identifies the author of the essay. This will help you stand out among other students. You can write essay on life, like everyone else, but in its original form. As a rule, professors choose the most gifted, creative, and original students. Therefore, do not hesitate to show yourself.

The last way is a comparison. The technique applies mainly to the question in which they are asked to describe the experience gained or failure. However, the use of this approach is not limited to this. For example, you will be asked to answer these questions: If we had met you five years ago and then met you again today, how would we say that you have changed? Include specific examples that characterize your development. Using each of the methods described above, you can write several different essays.

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